From being classmates to workmates & now life partners , this  Ramakein inspired destination wedding in Hua Hin inspired us with its gorgeous mandap

From being bullied by Revanta in junior and middle school ( Modernite brat that he was ! ) – to our parting ways in high school ( when I moved to boarding school ) – life brought us together only 10 years later. I joined the same law firm as him where we were  (re) introduced to each other by the HR Team – “Hi Revanta, its been a while!” is what I said. Revanta’s reply – “ Umm, How did you lose so much weight?! ( Men, I tell you!)

A year goes by and all we share are hidden glances in the office corridors, a casual hello here and there. An impromptu trip to the dog shelter where I volunteer is where our journey of truly getting to know each other began. The friendship, the love, the differences, the similarities, the laughter, the trust, the silence, the madness –  are all ingredients of our relationship. After Revanta proposed, so many people asked us – “ but how do you know that she/ he is the one? “ We just smiled and replied – “ Trust the timing of your life “

Despite knowing each other since we were 5 years old, we only connected when the timing was right so many, many years later. When we were both ready to find our way to each other …when we were ready to write the next chapter of our story..together – expresses Tejshree