Bride getting ready …

Bride getting ready ...

Oftentimes, there's been a lot of forethought and planning that go into every single detail. Spontaneity is key to capturing the raw emotions of the day. The getting-ready time is one of our favorites on a wedding day. There are certain things we prepare for every wedding & imagine bride , she has to prepare herself for the most important day & the most desired pictures of her life. The getting ready shots are just as much about the details as they are the candid moments. "Relax, enjoy yourself, let us do our thing and try to pretend we aren't there. Feel the emotions of the moment and trust that if we need something from you, we'll ask."      

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  No two weddings are the same, and no two preparation processes will look similar.  We might find our self at a wedding where a bride gets ready with fifteen bridesmaids, her mother, and all of her female family members.  The next weekend we could be at an event where a bride gets ready with just 

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The getting ready area is a special place with plenty of space that makes everyone feel cozy and relaxed before they start to get ready for the biggest day of their lives.  

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Our gorgeous bride, Divya was nervous when Anu Kaushik (make up artist ) started with her make up. Gradually she went with the flow & started enjoying herself being one of the most beautiful brides we have seen.   by shruti & jayant

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