Here , we bring a beautiful wedding of our adorable couple Amreen & Jaijeet. Here  is her story in her own words.

Jay and I were introduced through our families. I was working in Vancouver, Canada at that time and had come to India on vacation. Jay was visiting from San Fransisco too. We met for a quick coffee but ended up spending the entire day together. The coffee turned into a lunch, followed by a movie, followed by another coffee and then dinner.We both knew at the end of that day that we were bound to be together forever. Jay is a financial analyst and I am a public accountant. Since we are both from business backgrounds we understand each others professional needs and goals perfectly.We got married in Stallone manor in Ludhiana. We wanted a big Punjabi wedding and that’s why we chose my hometown as the wedding destination. I wanted each function to have a different theme. The engagement had a Tiffany theme. We had Audrey Hepburn posters and Tiffany colors to create a breakfast at tiffany’s look.We had a morning wedding so we wanted that to be a classy and mellow affair. For the decor we chose pastel drapes and bright colored flowers. We also had a live band to create a soothing lounge type atmosphere. Enjoy their pictures… !!!